Diyses Ltd
Established 1999
Blank magnetic swipe cards for your hotel room locks. We can supply the blank cards for your locking system for Vingcard, Onity, Uniqey, Unican, Kaba and more from just 14 pence per card. NEW is our Mifare Classic 1K contactless card for most contactless systems.

If you are stuck to a particular supplier for your cards ask them, if they went into liquidation would you have to change all your locks? Restricting consumeables is unlawful in this country and the EU under the unfair competition laws. This is why you can buy ink for your printer or filters for your car from other suppliers.

Magnetic swipe cards for Kaba, Vingcard, Onity, and more (not CISA)

£140.00 per 1000 cards + VAT for 3-5 day delivery

Add £15.00 per 1000 cards + VAT for NEXT DAY delivery

NEW - Mifare Classic 1K contactless cards for most systems

£325.00 per 500 cards + VAT for 3-5 day delivery (0.65p each)

£350.00 per 500 cards + VAT for NEXT DAY delivery (0.70p each)

Compatible magnetic swipe card for Vingcard, Onity etc with notch to assist partially sighted guests.
Mifare Classic 1K contactless card.