Diyses Ltd
Established 1999

Enables you to increase the level of comfort in your own home, to save on energy costs and still do your bit for the environment - all with the MAX! system, the energy efficient heating control solution.

Heating costs account for the largest share of what private households spend on energy. Annually, they are three times higher than the amount of expenditure that goes on lighting, electrical appliances and hot water combined. Although there are regulations in place to ensure the construction of energy efficient buildings, the vast majority of homes were actually built before these regulations came into force. This means that there are more than 26 million households that are needlessly burning away their cash.

There are plenty of countermeasures, whether it be fitting roof and wall insulation or installing a new heating system. But these all require a high level of initial investment. All, apart from the MAX! heating control system that is! For an investment of just 3 to 5 pounds per square metre, customers can cut their energy costs by a quarter, with the CO2 emissions for a multiple dwelling unit such as a block of flats being reduced by several tonnes. This means that after approximately two years most users will have saved more money than the solution actually cost them in the first place.

But that's not all. MAX! users are not just able to save money and help protect the environment; they can also, and perhaps most importantly from their perspective, improve the level of comfort in their own home. instead of feeling guilty about heating their home all day to achieve an average temperature and then just turning the system down slightly at night, they can now heat specific areas at the times that suit them best. For example, they can turn the heat up slightly in the bathroom when ifs time to get up and lower the bedroom temperature in the evening while still keeping the living room nice and cosy - fully automatically.

The technology is easy to understand, install and operate, which is REALLY important from the point of view of user acceptance. It is with this in mind that the modular and expandable system offers solutions for individual rooms right through to complete houses.
Replaces exisiting thermostatic radiator valve, no plumber required. Detects open window and shuts off heating for 15 mins. Can be used standalone or with other devices shown. 
Detects Open Window and shuts off heating valve (left). Keeps heating off while window is open. Works with one or more valves in the same room. (Also in brown).

Room thermostat - can be used to control more than one radiator valve like a master unit in effect. Saves having to program multiple time clocks on each thermastatic valve.

Control with Smartphone or PC if desired.
Cube - for remote control of devices by smartphone or PC. Also remote control is possible via the Internet. Connect to your router.
Eco Switch - reduces all thermostats to pre-programmed level at the touch of a button for prolonged empty house.
Alternative wireless thermostatic radiator valve with with additional features.
Wireless - 2 AA batteries last about 2 years - no professional installation required.